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HOW TO: Re-Create a Missing Automated System Recovery Floppy Disk in Windows Server 2003

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March 1, 2004




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Create an ASR Floppy Disk


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This article describes how to create an Automated System Recovery (ASR) floppy disk from the media that stores the ASR backup in Windows Server 2003.

During an ASR backup operation, the Asr.sif and Asrpnp.sif files are copied to the backup media. If the ASR floppy disk is not available, both the Asr.sif and Asrpnp.sif files can be extracted from the ASR backup set and then transferred to a floppy disk to be used for an ASR operation.

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Create an ASR Floppy Disk

To create an ASR floppy disk from an ASR backup set:


Insert a blank, formatted floppy disk into your computer's floppy disk drive.


Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Backup.

The Backup or Restore Wizard starts.


Click Advanced Mode.


On the Welcome tab, click Restore Wizard (Advanced). The Restore Wizard starts. Click Next.


On the What to Restore page, click to select the check box next to the media that contains the ASR backup.


Expand the ASR backup set that corresponds to the ASR floppy disk that you want to create.


Expand the second instance of the drive letter that contains the system files, expand Windows_Folder, and then expand the Repair folder.


In the right pane, click to select the check boxes next to Asr.sif and Asrpnp.sif, and then click Next.


On the Completing the Restore Wizard page, click Advanced.


On the Where to Restore page, click Single Folder in the Restore files to box, type A:\ in the Folder name box, and then click Next.
NOTE: The Asr.sif and Asrpnp.sif files must reside on the root of the floppy disk drive for use in a ASR restore operation.


Follow the instructions on the remaining pages of the wizard. The restore options that you can configure on the remaining pages of the wizard are optional and do not affect the transfer of files to the floppy disk.

When you click Finish on the last page of the wizard, the files are copied to the location that you specified. The ASR floppy disk is ready for use in an ASR restore operation.

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For more information about ASR, see Windows Help. To do this, click Start, click Help and Support, type automated system recovery in the Search box, and then press ENTER to view the topics returned.

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