Februar 23, 2024
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HOW TO: Eject Tape after successful Backup with SBS Backup (englisch) minimieren

by Oliver Sommer

As my english is not native there may be some errors in the text. Please fell free to report them to me.
And if someone would be so kind to mail me the aproppriate screenshoots, cause I've got no english SBS2003 to take them from.

Right from my first SBS2003 Installation it bugged me not having the abbility to send an Email and ejecting the Backup Tape after a successful backup, but "only" having emails when the backup fails.

To send "Emails in case of successfull backups" I suggested a solution some time ago:

Reading a posting in the english Newsgroup asking for the tape ejection after backup and Kevin Weilbachers answer that you could schedule a batch file with the below-mentioned rsm.exe command after the backup, I got the idea of adding this command to my "Emails in case of successfull backups" HealthMonitor Warning/Sensor:

1. Implement "Emails in case of successfull backups" regarding to:

2. Open "Health Monitor", then
    - rightclick on "Actions", "new", "Command...."
    - under"Details" insert the following:

Filename: C:\WINDOWS\system32\rsm.exe
(or where ever your Windowsfolder may be)

Workingfolder, for example: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

Comamndline: eject /LF"<NameofBackupDevice>" /astart

I set the Timelimit to 20 Minutes which should be enough for even the slowest device to eject the Tape.

The devicename which should be inserted instead of <NameofBackupDevice> can be found under "MyComputer" -> "manage" -> "Storage" -> "Removeable Storage" -> "Libraries".
It's simply the Name of your backup device, in the example picture below it's "Hewlett Packard DAT72 drive".

With this information you can finish the Health Monitor Action by clicking "Ok".

3. This new action then can be added in Health Monitor to the "Emails in case of successfull backups" Warning/Sensor:(http://dnn.sbsfaq.de/SBS2003/HealthMonitor/HOWTOEmailaftersuccessfullbackupjobeng/tabid/293/Default.aspx)

CAUTION: Contrary to the picture the command has to be scheduled to the "OK" state!

Advantages of this methode

Now the Tape will be ejected after a successfull backup and can be a good indicator to the person who's responsable for changing the tape, if the backup was successfull or not.
This methode is proved with third-party Backupsoftware like Symantec Veritas backup Exec which I'd like to recommend as an alternative.
Also that person has not to wait any more for the device to eject the tape. (Yes, that's probablly the reason my customers mentioned most for wishing to have this feature)
And with this methode a tape that contains a successfull backupset will not be overwriten the next scheduled backup start, by a then maybe unsuccessfull set, only because someone forgot to change the tape. 

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